Children and Adolescents

Working with their strengths as well as their interests, children and adolescents enjoy and willingly participate in the therapeutic process. Using a wide range of art and play therapy techniques, children of all ages are encouraged to identify, explore and resolve behavioral and emotional struggles.

A parent's instinct is to find a truly helpful ally for their child or family when one is needed, as the mental challenges they face are becoming more complex. Parents are provided with support and constructive ideas that can strengthen their effectiveness, enhance bonding and restore their sense of hope and satisfaction.

With parental consent, I will work collaboratively with schools, teachers, coaches, and allied professionals in order to evaluate and treat difficulties that might be occurring in multiple settings. My role is to assist parents in advocating for necessary services and to promote coordination and consistency among providers. This can often be an essential element towards building-up the kind of daily structure that reinforces encouragement and promotes greater goal achievement for the child or teen.